LSI Summer School

2021.07.29 ブログ

The LSI summer school has started. This year’s theme is “Around the World”. The children are traveling around the world with their LSI passports.
In the first week, they go to Europe. Today, they went to France. After getting off the plane, the children were greetting with “Bonjour! (Bonjour!) at the immigration. After that, they experienced singhtseeing spots and culture, and when they left the country, they got LSI passports stamped. Also, something we can do because we are an international school… we get video letters from people from all over the world! Our LSI teacher in France introduced us the streets and snacks of France today.
When watching the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, if you can recognize the flags and songs of each country, you can easily tell which country the athletes are from, and it sparks the imagination of what kind of country they are from. I am sure that the children will enjoy the Olympics from a different aspect.

LSIサマースクールが始まりました。今年のテーマは「Around the World」。子どもたちはLSIパスポートを持って、世界を駆け巡っています。