Children’s Market

2021.06.17 ブログ

It’s almost time for the Children’s Market, where the children will become shopkeepers and welcome the parents. On this day, the children put LSI money in their handmade wallets and give an allowance (Okozukai) to the parents. “Please come with your Okozukai and buy the original bags and calendars we worked on so hard t !!”
In addition, a bazaar will be also held to sell items they no longer need at home, not only to enjoy playing store, but also to learn how to take good care of things.

チルドレンズ マーケット
もうすぐでChildren’s Market。子どもたちがお店屋さんになって、保護者の皆さんを迎え入れます。この日は、手作りのお財布にLSIマネーを入れて、お父さんやお母さんに子どもたちからおこずかいをプレゼント。「おこずかいを持って、一生懸命に作ったオリジナルのバッグやカレンダーを買いにきてね!!」