Create an environment where English is a natural part of life.

2021.04.14 ブログ

It is often said that Japanese people need 2200 hours to learn English.
This is the case only for adults who study English intensively, and not for children who are growing up. But we can see that for those of us whose mother tongue is Japanese, learning English is a long road, and LSI children who are showered with English early on have an advantageous start. Children need to absorb a language not intensively like adults, but in a way that is easy and in line with their developmental stage, so that they won’t come to hate the language. Therefore, it is important to create an environment where children can feel that English is a natural part of life. For example, putting English magazines on the table at home or playing some English songs will be effective. And one more thing! There is also the attitude of parents. When you hear, “My father is speaking English! or “Mom is studying English happily! Seeing parents like this is the best way to make children think that speaking English is a natural part of life. This is the best way to make children think that speaking English is normal.
(LSI Newletter, April 2021)

(LSI Newsletter 2021年4月号より)